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For Prospective Students

Graduate Study at Cornell

Cornell's graduate study is organized by Graduate Fields of Study which are divided by discipline. A Graduate Field is an academic group which consists of professors from across departments and colleges. For example, faculty members of the Graduate Field of Immunology spread across six departments or three colleges.

A student interested in studying at Cornell University must apply to a Graduate Field via the Graduate School, and only a Graduate Field can grant admission. The Center for Infection & Pathobiology is not a Graduate Field; it is a community of researchers across various Graduate Fields, departments and other units, and aims at enhancing interaction among the researchers.

A prospective student who is interested in working with a faculty member in the Center must apply to a Graduate Field in which the faculty member participates. A professor often participates in more than one Graduate Field. To find out in what Graduate Field(s) our faculty members participate, please see the faculty list.

Once you are admitted and start your graduate study, you may request to be a member of the Center for Infection & Pathobiology; if you choose an adviser who is already a member of the Center, you will automatically become a member as well. If your adviser is not a member of the Center, please contact Ms. Sachiko Funaba at the address below.


To apply to the Graduate Field of Comparative Biomedical Sciences, Immunology and Infectious Disease, or Pharmacology, please visit the web site of the Office of Graduate Education of the College of Veterinary Medicine at

To apply to other Graduate Fields, please visit the web site of the Graduate School at


If you have any questions, please contact the Graduate Field of your interest, or:

Angela Downing
Coordinator for the Center for Infection & Pathobiology /
Assistant to the Chair, Dept. of Microbiology & Immunology
Phone: (607) 253-3402
Fax: (607) 253-4058