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About the Program

Pathologic changes occurring as a result of infection or exposure to toxic agents are common in both animals and plants. At Cornell University, scientists studying the interplay between host and pathogen/toxin have been brought together in a multidepartmental program entitled Infection and Pathobiology.

The program spans the various disciplines involved and facilitates broader interactions between departments and graduate fields that share common interests in host-pathogen interactions.


Infection & Pathobiology Symposium

Fri. March 6, 2015, ILR Conference Center

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Research on Infant Immunity


Dr. Brian Rudd's research seeks better ways to strengthen newborn immune system memories.

Breakthrough Discovery against Deadly Virus

Nuclei in blue;Infected monocytes in green

Dr. Gary Whittaker's discovery opens the gates to developing the first working diagnostics, vaccines, and treatments for FIP.

Dr. Russell's Paper Featured

Mtb (red) and host-derived lipids (green) that make it into the bacteria

Dr. David Russell's new paper in Cellular Microbiology is the Editor's Choice for June.